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About Rodriguez Lagorio, LLP

If you are facing a divorce, child-related dispute, probate matter or a similar legal issue, do not hesitate to contact Rodriguez Lagorio, LLP. Our attorneys take pride in serving clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer personalized and cost-effective legal advocacy for all of their family law matters, estate planning and probate concerns.

Photo of Attorneys Angelo J. Lagorio And Monica G. Rodriguez

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There Is So Much Information Online. Why Speak With A Lawyer?

When there is so much information online, how do you know you are getting credible and up-to-date information? Nothing is more frustrating than having to go back over a legal issue you thought you already resolved because your information was incomplete or just plain wrong. Engaging a licensed California lawyer means you are not only getting the most current information, but you will also get legal advice that could save you time, money and frustration. Our attorneys will answer your questions about family law disputes and probate matters. We also provide in-depth guidance for estate planning, revocable trusts and trust administration, so you can make informed decisions about your legal options. Our attorneys listen carefully to your circumstances. We then guide you in shaping a proactive strategy while protecting your rights. If you are working through a challenging dispute, such as a contested divorce, the exact outcome of your settlement will rely on the nature and facts of your situation. You can count on us to assist you in the effort to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Contact Rodriguez Lagorio, LLP, Today

Legal issues concerning family law, estate planning, revocable trusts, trust administration and probate often overlap. We have experienced attorneys who work hard to find the most effective method of obtaining favorable results in your family law matter or your estate planning needs. Call our firm at 925-750-8757 or send an email for a consultation in Fremont.