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What Will Happen To My Kids? Answers To Your California Child Custody Questions

Nothing affects you more than what happens to your children. At Rodriguez Lagorio, LLP, our husband and wife team is here to ensure that the needs of your children are always the first thing considered. Here are commonly asked questions about California custody.

If my ex isn’t paying child support, can I refuse visitation?

The short answer is no. The reason is that, while they seem connected, the state of California views child support and child visitation as two separate issues. Child visitation agreements are legally binding. They are not contingent or dependent on if child support money has been received.

What does ‘joint physical custody’ mean?

It means that both parents will spend quality time with the child. The time spent with the child may not be 50-50 given logistics and school and work schedules. But it will be 60-40 or possibly 70-30. When parents have joint custody, it means that both parents make decisions. These are significant decisions about the child’s upbringing: the child’s religion, education and medical care.

How is custody determined in California?

The good news is that separated parents who can have a meaningful conversation about their child’s schedule and where their child should live, can often create their own parenting plans. A judge will usually sign off on an agreement. However, when parents cannot agree the matter will be decided by a judge, after they have taken into account the best interests of the children.

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