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Who Gets What In A California Divorce? Answers To Common Questions.

No matter how necessary, or how much you and your spouse are in agreement, divorce is disruptive. At Rodriguez Lagorio, LLP we are here to relieve you of some of this burden. We are committed to helping you, no matter what your income. We believe everyone deserves access to quality legal counsel. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about California property division.

What is community property?

In general, all of the property you and your spouse acquire during your marriage is considered “community property”, with several exceptions. This includes your debts. Businesses and other complex properties may require valuation and other careful review.

Are there any assets that are not considered community property?

Yes, some things are not community property. Separate property includes assets such as an inheritance, gifts received by one person, monetary awards won in a personal injury lawsuit or settlement, etc. Anything that was yours before the marriage or that is acquired after the date of separation is considered separate property.

Are debts also considered community property?

Yes. Typically, those debs acquired during the marriage are viewed as community debts and are divided in a divorce. In some cases, one debt, such as a gambling debt or student loans, may be allocated to one spouse.

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