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Divorce And Family Law Mediation

Not every divorce case has to go through lengthy and costly litigation. In fact, California’s family courts favor resolving conflict through mediation whenever possible. Most divorces are settled through negotiations and ADR (alternative dispute resolution) methods, including mediation. There are many benefits of ADR such as taking less time, privacy and lowering the cost of a divorce.

At Rodriguez Lagorio, LLP, our attorneys believe that every family law and divorce case is unique and deserves a tailored strategy. Whether this means fierce litigation or utilizing our ADR skills, we approach resolving your divorce case in a way that makes sense for your specific circumstances. We will help you understand the benefits of ADR and how this option can be a smart choice for all parties involved.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is one of the most common ADR methods utilized in a divorce or family law case. Both parties can be represented by their own attorney. A third-party neutral will then facilitate communication between the parties to help resolve all divorce issues. The mediation is completely confidential. Furthermore, either party can walk away if they wish and pursue litigation if they find the mediation is not resolving the issues at hand.

What Are The Benefits Of ADR/Mediation?

There are many benefits to using mediation over litigation. First, the cost. Mediation is often much less expensive than divorce litigation. Second, mediation often takes less time and is more efficient. Divorce can drag on for months and sometimes even years. Third, privacy and control. A mediation agreement is determined by the parties themselves. They are the ones who determine when and where to meet and what their custody agreement will include, not a judge who has the final say in litigation. Lastly, mediation allows for an amicable divorce resolution. There is less contention in the divorce, and ultimately this is in the best interests of children involved in a divorce.

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Resolving differences and creating settlement agreements utilizing mediation are not for everyone. There are sacrifices both parties will need to commit to when considering a successful mediation process. Discuss your divorce and other family law matters with our attorneys by calling 925-750-8757. You can also contact our Fremont office online.